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Enterprise Design System

Strategic UX that gives personality to your brand and vision to your team.

A design system is a repository that contains the foundational design components which governs and guides your teams in developing a product design and an interface.

We help develop a proper Enterprise Design System for your company that guides your team throughout the designing process and provides consistency across all your presence. And we do that in three steps.

We plan your design principles and policies

Ambiguity in design kills brand value. There must be a clarity and consistency. We set your Design principles and policies that govern your developers and designers during the processes.

We assign your style guidelines

Setting style guidelines helps your team to choose design elements from the selected ones instead of searching the oceans as they explore more detailed elements of your brand design. Style guidelines include icons, logos, animation style, colour palette, typography, and illustrations.

We set your pattern library

We help you build your pattern library that contains all design elements, set patterns and HTML, CSS, and Javascript codes for your team to use so they don't have to reinvent the wheel.

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